The 7 Cell-building essentials


Read This First & Introduction


□ Doxology - Anthem Lights (feat. Selah with lyrics)

□ Immortal Soul - Spurgeon (Sermon Jam)

□ Discipline = Freedom

□ “Who Made MD’s King” - Flexner Report 

□ (Cancer) Just the facts, man! What are Naturopaths? Are they really Doctors?

 □ Dr Peter Glidden: Interviews Dr Joel Wallach

 □  Interview everyone has been waiting for - MD meets ND

 □ Medical failure: The delusion of diagnosis (Dr. John Bergman) 

□ Symptom vs Cause (Dr. John  Bergman)

 □ Healing Quest - Tennant Biomodulator


□ Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing the Body's Electrical Circuitry | Electricity of Life

□ Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge Your Battery and Heal | Electricity of Life

#1 Nutrition

□ 90 Essential Nutrients - Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

 □ The Audacity of Health: The Dr. Joel Wallach Story

□ Ben Fuchs Interviews Dr Joel Wallach (Youngevity® The Best Kept Secret)

 □ Dr. Joel Wallach Dead Athletes Don't Lie (Dangers of Sweating) Youngevity Rebound FX

□ Doctor Joel Wallach on Athletes and Sports Injuries


□ You Need More Salt (Dr. Joel Wallach)

□ Table Salt vs. Himalayan Salt: Which Is Better? (Dr. Josh Axe)

□ Selenium Fun Facts And How It's Beneficial To Help Fight Cancer! (Dr. Peter Glidden)

□ Selenium with Dr Ross Pelton

□ Dr Wallach Can Selenium Do It Dead Dr.s Don't Lie

□ Selenium - Dr Schrauzer - Why Youngevity

□ Dr. Wallach's Ten Bad Foods (and Good Foods)

□ 12 Bad Foods We Shouldn't Eat (Dr. Glidden)


□ Against the Grain -Why Gluten is not good for us (Dr. Glidden)

□ Everything You Need to Know About Gluten by Dr. Edward Group 

□ 8 Secrets to Boost Your Brain

□ 8 Secrets to Boost Testosterone for Men and Women


□ Chronic Pain Relief: 14 All-Natural Painkillers

 □ Dr Dwight Lundell joins Youngevity Scientific Medical Board

□ Fulvic Acid: "The Quest for the Cures" Excerpt

□ The Power of Fulvic and Humic to Transform Health

□ Benefits of Moringa: A Nutritional Powerhouse

□ MORINGA: Growing THE MOST NUTRITIOUS Terrestrial Plant in the World!

□ Moringa Documentary - the 'miracle' tree

□ Moringa, A Nutritious Superfood and Natural Multivitamin


□ Did Ancient Indian Warriors Drink Moringa Tea? 

□ How to plant, transplant and harvest Moringa

□ Moringa Seeds: Why Seed Type Matters!  

 □ Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD  (Dr. David Allen)

□ The Inside Story of Cannabidiol - What are the Benefits of CBD? (Dr. Asher Milgrom)

□ Understanding the Endocannabinoid System in Autism & Its Implications for Therapeutics (Dr. Jeff Bradstreet)

□ Why does the endocannabinoid system work?


- THC is psycho-active ... It makes you high.

- CBD isn't psycho-active ... It make you healthy!



□ Bone Broth (Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin)  

□ Health Benefits Of Bone Broth For Daily Use (Dr. Nick Zyrowski)  

□ How To Make Bone Broth, Super Delicious! (Dr. Nick Zyrowski)  

□ Make Your Bone Broth Better by Avoiding these 5 Mistakes  

□ Instant Pot Bone Broth  

□ Bone Broth Fasting Benefits | The Shocking Benefits (Dr. Nick Zyrowski)  

□ Dr. Axe explains Benefits of Bone Broth Protein (Powder).  



□ Dr. Joel Wallach on the cure of obesity (The 90 for Life Difference)

□ Dr. Glidden's Weight Loss Special Informational Video

 □ How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Exercise 

□ 10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home


□ 7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast by Dr. Josh Axe & Jordan Rubin

#2 Detoxify & Build Immune System

□ The Five Keys to Health and Healing by Dr. John Bergman

□ How to Work With the Immune System

  □ You Don't Catch a Cold, You Earn It!


□ How to stop the Cause of IBS, Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis (Dr. John Bergman)

□ How to Reverse GERD and Leaky Gut

 □ Leaky Gut


□ Colon Health 2018 (Dr. John Bergman)

□ L-Glutamine Benefits (Dr. Josh Axe)

□ L-Glutamine: An Effective Anti-Aging, Therapeutic and Immune Modifying Supplement  (Dr. James Meshino)

□ Ben Fuchs: Benefits Of Fasting & How To Fast


□ Pharmacist Ben Fuchs: Autoimmunity

 □ Autoimmune Diseases 2018 (Dr. John Bergman)

□ Dr. Cass Ingram on Wild Oregano 

□ Opioid Crisis and Hemp Oil: What's the truth?

 □ The Miracle Healing of Oil of Oregano (The Best Home Remedies) - Dr. Alan Mandell D.C.

 □ Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol)

□ The Inside Story of Cannabidiol - What are the Benefits of CBD?

□ Understanding the Endocannabinoid System in Autism & Its Implications for Therapeutics


□ Why does the endocannabinoid system work?

□ The Powerful Health Benefits of Iodine - Dr. Edward Group || Featured Interview

Everything You Need to Know About Iodine by Dr. Edward Group 

□ How Beta Glucan Works

□ How Beta Glucan Supercharges Your Immune System - AJ Lanigan

 □ Beta Glucan and Cancer Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka PhD

 □ The 9 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Dr. Eric Berg)

□ When To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar For Best Results (Dr. Nick Zyrowski)

□ Top 5 Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks | Super Delicious! (Dr. Nick Zyrowski)


□ 10 Questions To Ask Before Starting Cancer Treatments!


 □ Cancer Confusion (Dr. Glidden)


□ Breast and Prostate Cancer 2018 (Dr. John Bergman)

□ Cancer Breaking the Cycle of Fear and Ignorance (Dr. John Bergman)

□ Cancer Therapies (Dr. Bergman - Traditional vs. Wholistic)

□ The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - Episode 1 &2

 □ Cancer vs. the Immune System

□ Wholistic Cancer Treatments with Dr. Glidden, ND

(Begins at the 1:48 minute mark)

 □ CANCER is Curable NOW (Original Documentary)


□ Cancer - The Forbidden Cures 


□ The Politics of Cancer (Part 1) - The Science of Cancer Therapy  

□ The Politics of Cancer (Part 2) - Big Money = Big Changes in the Cancer Industry  

□ The Politics of Cancer (Part 3) - The Marriage of Modern Medicine & Big Pharma 

 □ How to use Bentonite Clay for a full body detox.

□ Benefits of Bentonite Clay (Dr. Josh Axe)

 □ The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety with Author Del Bigtree

□ Vaccines and Other Things to Avoid to Stay Healthy (Dr. John Bergman)  

□ Vaccine court 2018 (Dr. John Bergman)


 □ Truth vs. Lies About Flu Vaccines *Updated* (Dr. John Bergman)

□ The Truth About Vaccines (7 part DVD Docu-Series)

 □ Measles, Vaccines, Antibodies and Big Pharma Money

□ Debunking Measles Mania with Dr. Bob Sears

□ Measles for Dumbies

□ What Conflicts Of Interest Exist Between The FDA, CDC, Government Officials, And The Pharmaceutical (Dell Bigtree)


□ Origins and Recent Progress of "Vaxxed" the Movie (Del Bigtree)


  □ VaxXed Stories: Nico LaHood -The Prosecutor

□ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Merck Insider on Vaccines, Herd Immunity etc. (with Del Bigtree)  

□ Mike Adams, The Health Ranger on Vaxxed II: The People's Truth

 □ Vaccines and Christianity: A Biblical, Historical, and Contemporary examination

□ Deadly Flu Shot Reaction - Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings is Cured by Dr. Rashid Buttar

□ Heavy Metal Toxicity, The Hidden Killer (Dr. Rashid Buttar)

□ 10 Heavy Metal Detox Strategies (Jordan Rubin)

 □ Detoxing from Vaccines (Dr. John Bergman)


□ How to Have HEALTHY Kidneys for LIFE (& GMO's, Vaccines, Tynenol & Epigenics) by Dr. John Bergman




□ What is Colloidal Silver? (Dr. Eric Berg)  

□ Colloidal Silver 101 with Dr. Glidden, ND  

□ The Many Benefits of Silver (Dr. Robert Scott Bell)  

□ How Silver Works as an Antimicrobial (Dr. Robert Scott Bell)  

□ How Silver Can Boost Immune Health! (Dr. Robert Scott Bell)  

□ What Kind of Silver Supplement Product is Best? (Dr. Robert Scott Bell)  

□ Using Silver Products for Health (Dr. Robert Scott Bell)  

□ Dr. Nebulizing Silver Hydrosol for Lung Health Recovery (Dr. Robert Scott Bell)  

□ Robert Scott Bell's Story  

□ Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol: Colloidal Silver Ingestion Explained  

#3 Hydration with Filtered, Oxygenated Water, CD & DMSO

□ Gravity Water Filter - Impressions After 1 Year

□ Ozone Therapy & Medical Freedom with Robert Rowen

□ Bio3Blaster Vegetable Sanitizer & Pesticide Eliminator

 □ Water Cures: Drugs Kill – Interview with F. Batmanghelidj M.D.

□ Dr. F. Batmanghelidj on The Robert Scott Bell Show - 2002

□ Dr. Robert Scott Bell - The Truth About Cancer LIVE - Highlights 2016 || Unlock the Power to Heal

 □ Kerri Rivera at AutismOne 2015 - The Facts About CD


□ What is ClO2 complex? With Dr. Matt Zirwas

□ How does Chlorine Dioxide work?

 □ MMS Documentary 

□ Kerri Rivera and Dr. Seneff - Chlorine Dioxide destroys Glyphosate

  □ Response of Dr. Seneff to NBC fake news hit piece by Brandy Zadronzy citing false data.

□ The Video They Don't Want You To See (Dr. Kerri Rivera)

 □ Kerri Rivera - Autism One Conference 2019 - CD Protocol

□ Understanding MMS - Conversations with Jim Humble


  □ A Simple Cure for 97% of Disease - the scientific truth of chlorine dioxide (English Voice over)

□ Dr Andreas Kalcker CD, MMS, Sodium Chlorite Autism, ALS, Cancer, Lyme, and all parasites! 

 □ What Is DMSO? (By Dr. Jawad)


 □ DMSO (Dr. Michael Johnson)

□ DMSO - Dr Jacob on 60 Minutes


□ Smell-Free DMSO & HERBESO Therapy

□ Janet Perry Pharmacologist Interview On DMSO For Health (DimethylSulfoxide)


□ The Untapped Healing Potential of DMSO


 □ The Unbelievable Benefits of DMSO by Dr. Ian Shillington

□ Pharmacology of DMSO (Dr. Stanley Jacob's Website)

 □ My Stroke Home Remedy (DMSO Part One)  

□ My Stroke Home Remedy (DMSO Part Two)  

□ How I Beat Infertility with DMSO

#4 Maintain Lymphatic Health

 □ Rebounding: The Best Exercise for your Immune System 

□ Introduction To Lymphatic System Detoxification (Part 1 )

□ Lymphatic Cleansing: 8 Ways to Clear Lymph Congestion by Dr. David Jockers 

□ Are Essential Oils Just Another Health Fad? (Ben Fuchs) 

□ Essential Oils As Medicine: Essential Oils Guide

#5 Routine Exercise & Application of Electrical Micro-currents

 □ What is P.A.C.E.? Plus FREE PACE e-Book 

□ PACE Twins Interview


 □ PACE Express Day 1 - How to Lose Weight Fast - Full Workout


□ Why Jumping Rope Is The Best Exercise for Weight Loss And Burning Fat  

□ Intro to the Jump Rope - Buddy Lee  

□ Jump Rope Workout for Beginners (10 Minutes)  

□ 10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout  

□ Jump Rope Workout - Push Up Complex (10 minutes) 

□ Dr. Mercola's Nitric Oxide Release Workout

□ Dr. Mercola's Nitric Oxide Release Workout

□ Super Brain Yoga (news report with Dr. Eric Robins, M.D.)

□ Super Brain Squats (by Dr David Jockers, ND)

□ Solutions for Deep Sleep Every Night by Dr. John Bergman

 □ 6 Crucial Ways To Get Deep Sleep, Tonight (Laura Koniver, M.D.)

□ The Benefits of 5-HTP by Dr. Jawad

 Ashwagandha: The Complete Herbal Guide

□ Dr Jerry Tennant - pH and Voltage - "Healing is Voltage"


□ Tennant Minute Tyler TX - Pt 1

□ Tennant Minute Tyler TX - Pt 2

□ Jerry Tennant, MD,PScD (lecturing at International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)


 □ Welcome to Integrative Dentistry

□ Why A Holistic Dentist Is Better (Guest: Dr. Thom Lokensgard)

□ Holistic Dentist, Dr Vinograd, Lectures at the Gerson Institute

 □ The FLIGHT or FIGHT mechanism explained in a simple way  (by Dr. Eric Berg)

□ How to Trigger the Vagus Nerve - Parasympethetic System (by Dr. Eric Berg)

□ Activating Our Parasympethetic System (Pharmacist Ben Fuchs, just the first 15 minutes)


□ Cardiac Arrhythmias - The Missed Cause - Sympathetic & Parasympathetic response (Dr. John Bergman)

 □ The Dr. Meade Show - Dr. Steve Sinatra on "Earthing" : Pt. 1

□ The Latest Grounding Study Results (Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician)


□ How Quickly Does Grounding Affect Your Body (Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician)

□ Grounding For Chronic Disease (Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician) 

 □ Grounding For Healthy Heart, Blood and Circulation (Dr. Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician)

□ Prescription Is Earth: The Making of Two Revolutionary Healing Documentaries

□ Down To Earth Documentary - The Science of Grounding

□ How to have healthy feet!


□ Solutions for Parkinson's Disease (Dr. John Bergman)


□ How to Cure Shingles | Natural Shingles Treatment (Dr. Melissa Gallagher.)

□ The Fastest Technique to Get Rid of Shingles Pain (Dr. Eric Berg)

□ Shingles Vaccine (Dr. John Bergman)


#6 Circulation & Respiration

 □ Ben Fuchs - Dirty Blood 6/17/2015 Audio Podcast


□ How to Have Healthy Blood Pressure (Dr. John Bergman)


□ The TRUTH about Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. (Dr. John Bergman)  

 □ Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Salt & The Natural Solution for Strokes (Dr. John Bergman)  

□ Serrapeptase: Amazing Enzyme For: Pain, Inflammation, and Scar Tissue

□ Questions and Answers on serrapeptase.mp4

□ Nattokinase for Supporting Blood Pressure

□ Nattokinase - The Natural Secret For Better Blood Flow, Circulation & Blood Pressure

 □ 5 Step Process to Treat Anemia Naturally (Dr. Josh Axe)

□ Aplastic Anemia (Dr. Joel Wallach)


□ How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic (David Diamond, Ph.D.)

□ Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They're Good for You (Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D.)

□ The Great Cholesterol Deception -- The Story Behind the Statins (Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.)

□ Dr. Glidden: This Doctor Says if You're On This Medication, Stop Taking it Immediately!

□ Statin Drugs - Dr. Joel Wallach




□ Bone and Joint Health - Youngevity by Dr. Glidden 

□ Bone Joint Health Webinar - Arthritis by Dr. Glidden

□ Trigeminal Neuralgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis - Dr. Joel Wallach

□ Rheumatoid Arthritis by Dr. Joel Wallach

 □ Shoulder, Elbow and Carpal Tunnel issues (Dr. John Bergman)

 □ Hip - Knee - Foot (Dr. John Bergman)

#7 Salvation, Prayer & Meditation

□ What is the Gospel? - RC Sproul 

□ Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi

□ Voddie Baucham - Getting The Gospel Right

□ Rosario Butterfield's Story

□ The Gospel Is Only Good News to A Needy Man - Paul Washer

 □ Can Nations Be Reformed? - Truth Matters - Vishal Mangalwadi

□ R.C. Sproul: How to Study the Bible

□ Pray and Be Alone With God - Paul Washer

□ Voddie Baucham: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

 □ Creation Evangelism by Dr. Jason Lisle (Filmed Live)

 □ Genesis, Foundations, & Culture: Ken Ham 

□ R.C. Sproul: The Glory of God

□ R.C. Sproul: Holy, Holy, Holy

□ R.C. Sproul: No Compromise, No Surrender

□ Meet Li Chen & The First 20 Years: Third Millennium Ministries

 □ The Truth Project - Introduction


□ Born to Reproduce by Dawson Trotman



□ Psalm 91 - Sons of Korah

□ Doxology - Anthem Lights (feat. Selah with lyrics)


□ Gospel Doxology by Zac Hicks (with lyrics)

□ Just As I Am with Lyrics by Alan Jackson

 □ A Living Prayer - Alison Krauss HD

□ There Is A Redeemer - Keith Green

 □ I Know That My Redeemer Lives Bob Bennett (16x9 lyrics)

 □ And Can It Be That I Should Gain - Sovereign Grace Music

□ Ancient Words

 □ The Isaacs - It Is Well With My Soul (Live)


□ Come and Lay Your Burdens Down by Jamie Kimmett (Lyric video) 

□ What A Friend We have In Jesus (by Alan Jackson with lyrics)

□ The story behind: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" - by Paul Siddall


□ There is a Reason by Alison Krauss (Lyrics)

 □  Heal Us Emmanuel Hear Our Prayer by William Cowper, 1779

□ King of Love: I Am They - Song Sessions

 □ Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God - Keith and Kristyn Getty


□ Create In Me A Clean Heart - Keith Green


□ Sweet Hour of Prayer by Alan Jackson (lyrics) 

 □ I Will Praise Him (The Isaacs -Live)

□ Psalm 139 (Were I To Cross) - New Scottish Hymns

□ He Will Give the Weary Strength by Ellie Holcomb (Lyrics)

 □ Bob Bennett Man Of The Tombs


□ I Will Wait For You (Psalm 130) lyric video

□ Blessed Assurance (by the Isaacs - Live)

□ Be Still My Soul - A Cappella 

 □ Stuart Townend - Come People Of The Risen King

□ 10,000 Reasons // What A Beautiful Name Lyrics - Worship Medley

□ Is He Worthy? (Lyrics)

□ How Deep The Father's Love For Us


□ Hand of Kindness (Live from Judson U)

 □ Because the Lord is My Shepherd (The New Twenty-Third)

□ Anchor of Hope (Lyrics) by Ellie Holcolmb

□ Oh Lord, You're Beautiful - Keith Green (with lyrics)

□ Oh What A Saviour - New Scottish Hymns

□ Matt Boswell and Boyce College Choir His Mercy Is More With Lyrics

□ In Christ Alone - A Cappella

 □ Stuart Townend My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness (Lyrics)

 □ How Great Thou Art by Home Free (Lyrics)

□ Fill Thou My Life - New Scottish Hymns (Lyrics)

 Whom Shall I Fear (The God of Angel Armies)

 □ Make my life a prayer to You by Keith Green (with lyrics)

 □ Keith Green - Oh, Lord You're Beautiful (Live)

 □ The Church of the Fully Fantastically Fallen

 □ Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) - Chris Tomlin (with lyrics)

□ Amazing Grace - Best Version By Far!

 □ Steve Bell "The Lorica"

□ Evolution of Worship Music - A Cappella Medley

 □ The Lord's Prayer (The Isaacs)

□ Doxology (by the Wilsons)


 All "7 Cell-building Essentials" (CBE's) are needed to achieve your God-glorifying health and healing goals! However, for ease of memory and to help you DO what you now know, I am going to summarize the "7 Cell-building Essentials" into three, a "Trinity of Truths", to keep you in the battle of life.


    1) Mighty 90  (AM)   (stop eating the 10 bad foods)  

    2) Fulvic Acid (AM)

    3) Nitric Oxide (AM)


   1) Filtered H20 (All Day)

   2) Nacent Iodine (AM)

   3) CD/MMS (PM) & Intermittent fasting

#3 ENERGIZE (remember "Healing Is Voltage")

    1) Smart Brain W.O.D.B.E.'s (AM & PRN)

    2) Get "Grounded" (AM & PM)

    3) P.A.C.E. & Prayer Exercises (AM or PM)

Remember, you are NOT a cosmic accident! God has made your body and soul with intelligence,

- it knows how to heal itself, 

- it wants to heal itself and 

- it can heal itself ... when it is supplied with God's, natural and supernatural, fuel and fire. 

Another way you can remember the many truths given above is to focus on one primary objective (some describe this as the principle of "the one and the many"). Your #1 goal in keeping healthy and fighting off all invaders (foreign and domestic) is to have a strong immune system. And, for everyone who loves the satisfaction of "checking off the box" of daily goals achieved, the following is for you (if you are on the computer reading this, you can simply "copy and paste" this into your favorite word processor and print it out). Now go ... "Carpe Diem"!!! (One can't be taken seriously in today's medical community without throwing around some Latin words or phrases:) Literally, "seize the day", i.e.enjoy life while you can.


□ 1) Smart Brain  W.O.D.B.E.'s

□ 2) Nacent Iodine (1 drop sublingually)

□ 3) Mighty 90 with extra Selenium   (stop eating the 10 bad foods)  

□ 4) Fulvic Acid

□ 5) Water, Himalayan Sea Salt & Eggs (as many as you can eat)

□ 6) Intermittent Fasting

□ 7) Lymphatic Exercises (esp. rebounding)

□ 8) P.A.C.E. Exercises

□ 9) Grounding / Earthing

□ 10) Prayer / Rest / Sleep 


3 Advanced Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

□ 1) Beta-glucan

□ 2) CD/MMS & DMSO

□ 3) Take ALL  of the "Vitamin I" given on this website:)

Recommended Books & DVD's for Your Body

1) Healing is Voltage: The Handbook

    by Dr. Jerry Tennant

2) Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission

    by Dr. Joel Wallach

3) P.A.C.E.: The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution

    by Dr. Alan Sears, M.D.

4) MMS Health Recovery Guidebook ... & ... Forbidden Health: Incurable Was Yesterday

    by Jim Humble with Cari Lloyd ... & ... Dr.  Andreas Kalcker

5) The DMSO Handbook for Doctors

     by Archie H. Scott

6) The Cure Is in the Cupboard: How to Use Wild Oregano for Better Health

     by Dr. Cass Ingram

7) The Truth About Cancer: What You Need to Know About Cancer’s History, Treatment and Prevention

   by Ty Bollinger (9 part DVD series)

Recommended Book's & DVD's for Your Soul

 1) Knowing God

  by J.I. Packer

2) Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations

   by Vishal Mangalwadi

3) Lord of All: Developing a Christian World-and-Life View

   by D. James Kennedy

4) Ordering Your Private World

  by Gordon MacDonald

5) A Body of Divinity

  by Thomas Watson 

6) Thinking Like a Christian: Understanding & Living a Biblical Worldview

  by David A. Noebel

7) Advancing the Kingdom: Declaring War on Humanistic Culture

   by Donald W Schanzenbach

Quotable Quotes

  •  Procrastination is the thief of health!

  •  "A diagnosis is a definition and a definition is not a disease." - Pharmacist Ben Fuchs -

  • When injustice become law, resistance becomes duty!