No matter how gifted or godly, when you’re sick, you’re out of the fight.

God-glorifying Health and Healing





Our focus is on a God-glorifying wholistic approach to health and healing that every family should know. It is science based, clinically verified, safe, effective and affordable. It is designed to support and promote the body by stimulating its built-in, self-healing mechanisms. Our emphasis is NOT on "practicing medicine" but on promoting health.

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 Please read the "CONCLUSION" at the end of this homepage. Why? Some may find the mountain of information on this website overwhelming  (CBE's #1-7), and don't know where to begin applying these many cell-building essentials (CBE). Therefore, in the "CONCLUSION" section, the "7 Cell-building Essentials" (CBE) are summarized and I have given you an action plan you can start today. (Remember: "CBE" = "Cell-building Essential". This will help you navigate the "tabs" on the top of this homepage)

This project is a work in progress (Semper Reformanda), therefore we have a tab named "Newest Hyperlinks" that will direct you to the newest additions to our website. So, please return regularly for more "Vitamin I" (i.e. information) & "Heavenly Harmonies", (see "Cell-building Essential #7 Salvation, Prayer and Meditation - Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs)

The following is an example of these "Heavenly Harmonies" and a teaser by the "Prince of Preachers" on why the gospel is so important to both body and soul.

□ Doxology - Anthem Lights (feat. Selah with lyrics)

□ Immortal Soul - Spurgeon (Sermon Jam)

(Please Note: Not all of these 30+ medical professionals profess faith in the one and only true and living God. However, all of them do adhere to a wholistic, God-honoring worldview of health and healing.  Also, all of the information on this web page was freely gleaned and is freely given. Therefore, it is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE.) 


“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

1 Corinthians 10:31

This is a God-honoring, wholistic view of life. God commands us to glorify Him in “whatever you do”. This demands our entire being, visible and invisible, body and soul. Beyond the honor and obligation to obey God, that is required in this verse, there are at least three more reasons all people and nations should know how to promote and maintain wholistic health and healing.

1) No matter how godly or gifted one is, when you are sick, you are out of the fight. However, because of the ministry of prayer, the Christian is never completely out of the fight. But, when he is sick, he is out of the fight in vital “incarnational”, “salt and light”, Kingdom-advancing ways.

John 1:1&14, Hebrews 1:1-4 and Matthew 5:13-16, 6:10

2) Bringing health and healing to the whole man is part of Christ’s Great Commission.

Matthew 28:20a and Matthew 9:35-10:1&7-8

3) When you affect health and healing in a person’s life you will naturally and supernaturally gain an audience with those who need the gospel.

John 4:13-14 & Mark 5:18-20

Building a medically wholistic Christian worldview is indispensable, in today’s fractionated world. There are many reasons why we have a fractionated approach to health and healing (for the political reason check out Dr. Glidden’s explanation of the “Flexner Report”).

□ “Who Made MD’s King” - Flexner Report 


□ What are Naturopaths? Are they really Doctors?

One of the philosophical reasons we have fractionated, pharmocentric medical protocols is that today’s M.D.’s treat man as an evolved machine that lacks the God-given capacity to heal itself. This applies primarily to chronic medical problems (not trauma, surgery when needed, and some infectious diseases, where M.D.’s and D.D.S.' excel)


□ Dr Peter Glidden: Interviews Dr Joel Wallach

□  Interview everyone has been waiting for - MD meets ND

According to The Partnership to Fight Chronic Diseases:

“Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, COPD, cancer, depression, obesity, arthritis, asthma & heart disease, are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States and account for the vast majority of health care spending. More than one in two American adults lives with at least one chronic condition and nearly one in three live with two or more chronic conditions. Chronic diseases are also the primary driver of health care costs — accounting for 90 cents of every dollar we spend on health care in this country.”

□ Medical failure: The delusion of diagnosis (Dr. John Bergman) 

□ Symptom vs Cause (Dr. John  Bergman)

Thankfully, all of these chronic medical problems can be treated very effectively (and way more inexpensively) via a wholistic approach. God has created our soul and body to work together as a whole. Therefore, we must know and implement the “7 Cell-building Essentials” (CBE) that are designed to work synergistically to make healthy cells, replacing the ones that are dying or diseased. 

Dr. Jerry Tennant (M.D., MD(H). PSc.D.) correctly states: “We get well by making new cells, not by correcting those that are malfunctioning.” And, we do this faster than most people think. On page 29 of his book, Healing is Voltage Dr. Tennant writes:

- We replace the rods and cones in our retina every 48 hours

- The lining of our intestines is replaced every 3 days

- We replace our skin every 6 six weeks

- Our liver every 8 weeks

- Our nervous system every 8 months

- Our bones every year

On this webpage I am going to adapt and expand on an illustration given by Dr. Jerry Tennant: Rebuilding a Healthy Home Illustration (after a tornado strike). Dr. Tennant says the effects of deficient nutrition (including poor absorption), toxins or disease causing pathogens on a human cell can be compared to the effect a tornado has on a home. 

You would not rebuild your home by just buying the materials needed to repair a destroyed home. You would use a wholistic approach and take at least seven basic steps in order to make your home livable and healthy. We need to take the same approach in order to build healthy cells in our body, practicing real preventive medicine. This will save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses, deliver you from unnecessary pain and suffering, and most importantly, enable you to “fight the good fight” (1 Timothy 6:11-16 & 2 Timothy 4:7). The following three videos will give you a good introduction to the wholistic approach Dr. Tennant uses (for more in-depth information click on CBE #5).

□ Healing Quest - Tennant Biomodulator

□ Dr. Jerry Tennant: Healing the Body's Electrical Circuitry

□ Dr. Jerry Tennant: Recharge Your Battery and Heal

My prayer is that after you read and study well the information on this website you will glorify God by taking action and do what you will soon know.

Semper Reformanda, 

Pastor Jack Campbell

P.S. On this webpage you will be introduced to over 30 life-changing medical professionals (which we call "Health Heros") and over 30 songs that will bless your soul & your body. Please do me a favor, e-mail me ( and tell me who are your favorite doctors/medical professionals and what songs blessed you the most (and if you have time "why")




1st Cell-Building Essential: Buy and use only good materials to build a house

Application: Nutrition

2nd Cell-Building Essential: Clean up the damaged home

Application: Detoxification and fortifying the immune system

3rd Cell-Building Essential: Access clean water

Application: Hydration with filtered, fully oxygenated water and use Chlorine Dioxide (CD/MMS) regularly

4th Cell-Building Essential: Install a working sewer system

Application: Maintain lymphatic health

5th Cell-Building Essential: Connect safe and reliable electrical power lines

Application: Routine exercise, good sleep, wholistic dental care and the application of electrical micro-currents

6th Cell-Building Essential: Install heating & air conditioning

Application: Blood, Bone, Circulation & Respiration

7th Essential: Build upon the "rock" of God's foundation vs. the "sand" of man's foundation

Application: Salvation, Prayer, Meditation and the Cultivation of a "Gratitude Attitude" 


 All "7 Cell-building Essentials" (CBE's) are needed to achieve your God-glorifying health and healing goals! However, for ease of memory and to help you DO what you now know, I am going to summarize the "7 Cell-building Essentials" into three, a "Trinity of Truths", to keep you in the battle of life.


     1) Mighty 90  (AM)

     2) Fulvic Acid (AM)

     3) Nitric Oxide (AM)

#2 DETOXIFY (CBE's #2-4)

    1) Filtered H20 (All Day)

    2) Nacent Iodine (AM)

    3) CD/MMS (PM) & Intermittent fasting

#3 ENERGIZE (CBE's #5-7)

     1) Smart Brain W.O.D.B.E.'s (AM & PRN)

     2) Get "Grounded" (AM & PM)

     3) P.A.C.E. & Prayer Exercises (AM or PM)

Remember, you are NOT a cosmic accident! God has made you, body and spirit (i.e. cells & soul) with intelligence,

 - it knows how to heal itself, 

 - it wants to heal itself and 

 - it can heal itself ... when it is supplied with God's, natural and supernatural, fuel and fire. 

"A cell is a multifunctional, miniaturized, throbbing dynamo that the microbiologist Guy Brown called a "vast teeming metropolis". Cells extract nutrients from food, conduct electrical energy for a heartbeat, and detoxify poisons like pharmaceutical and food additives. Cells deliver oxygen, fight bacteria, and build bone and connective tissue. All this is occurring at an infinitesimally tiny scale. In fact every single function of the human body must occur in a vast amount of cells before we can know about it. Likewise diseases must occur at the level of a vast amount of cells before we recognize that we're sick ... Behind all disease is always a group of cells that, through starvation, suffocation and toxification, no longer have the vim and vigor to do their business. All disease is cell disease." - Pharmacist Ben Fuchs -

"Molecular biology has shown that even the simplest of all living systems on the earth today … cells, are exceedingly complex objects. Although the tiniest … cells are incredibly small, weighing less than .000000000001 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machine built by man and absolutely without parallel in the nonliving world."

- Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis -

Another way you can remember the many truths given above is to focus on one primary objective (some describe this as the principle of "the one and the many"). Your #1 goal in keeping healthy and fighting off all invaders (foreign and domestic) is to have a strong immune system. And, for everyone who loves the satisfaction of "checking off the box" of daily goals achieved, the following is for you (if you are on the computer reading this, you can simply "copy and paste" this into your favorite word processor and print it out)

Now go ... "Carpe Diem"!!! (One can't be taken seriously in today's medical community without throwing around some Latin words or phrases:) Literally, "seize the day", i.e. enjoy life while you can. (Remember, "Procrastination is the thief of health!")


□ 1) Smart Brain  W.O.D.B.E.'s

□ 2) Nacent Iodine (1 drop sublingually)

□ 3) Mighty 90 with extra Selenium  (stop eating the 10 bad foods) 

□ 4) Fulvic Acid

□ 5) Water, Himalayan Sea Salt & Eggs (as many as you can eat)

□ 6) Intermittent Fasting

□ 7) Lymphatic Exercises (esp. rebounding)

□ 8) P.A.C.E. Exercises

□ 9) Grounding / Earthing

□ 10) Prayer / Rest / Sleep 


3 Advanced Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

□ 1) Beta-glucan

□ 2) CD/MMS & DMSO

□ 3) Take ALL  of the "Vitamin I" given on this website:)