About Us


A Prayer and a Charge from Jack "The Missionary" & Bill "The Truck-driver":

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well ... Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? ...  You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.  3 John 2 & 1st Corinthians 6:19-20


Our Focus

  • Our focus is on a God-glorifying wholistic approach to health and healing that every family should know. It is science based, clinically verified, safe, effective and affordable. It is designed to support and promote the body by stimulating its built-in self healing mechanisms. Our emphasis is NOT on "practicing medicine" but on promoting health.


Our Passion

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things (i.e physical "things" the body needs) will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33)

Therefore, Our Passion Is:

  • To Glorify God by
  • Knowing Christ Intimately and
  • Making Him (& His Kingdom) Known Fearlessly!

 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge ..." (Hosea 4:6a)

Who Authored and Compiled the information on this website


Why amass this big "boatload" of wholistic medical information?

How big? ... Think "Battle Carrier Strike Group"! 

Our goal is to so strengthen the body that it can demolish every toxin, bacteria and virus that causes "dis-ease".

To some, I am an international missionary; to others I'm a pastor. And for ten special people, I'm Dad or Grandpa Jack.

When asked who I am and what I do, I sometimes have fun by giving this answer: "I am a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Kingdom-driven, Presbyterian missionary. Most importantly I'm a son, servant and ambassador of the Most High God, the LORD Jesus Christ, the Sovereign King over heaven and earth."

A Short Military, Medical and Missionary Bio

  • I received my first official medical training with the United States Marine Corps learning basic first-aid, CPR and the trauma care skills needed for combat (before I went to Vietnam). After being honorably discharged from the Corps, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Medical Science, interning at the Medical University of South Carolina. I then worked as an Emergency Room Physician's Assistant (P.A.) while also teaching in the P. A. program in Charleston, SC.

  • Next, I served as a Family Practice P.A. as I worked my way through seminary. While earning my Masters of Divinity degree, I planned to be a medical missionary. The LORD changed those plans, so for the last 35+ years I have worked as a missionary/pastor here in America and overseas.

  • Although no longer a medical professional, I have always maintained my love of medicine and the desire to help bring physical and spiritual healing to my family, friends and acquaintances. For this reason, several years ago, I attended a medical lecture by Dr. Joel Wallach. He challenged almost everything I had been taught by my fractionated, pharmocentrically trained, M.D. professors and colleagues. By the way, these are the kind of doctors everyone should go to for trauma care, surgery (when needed) and some infectious diseases.  

  • However, Dr. Wallach (and Drs. Glidden, Tennant, Bergman, Axe, Rivera and a host of other wholistic medical men and women, esp. Pharmacist Ben) opened my eyes to a new wholistic medical worldview that is science based, clinically verified, safe, effective and affordable. It is designed to support and promote the body by stimulating its built-in self healing mechanisms.  Therefore, when I speak with people concerning chronic diseases like diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure,  cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, insomnia, obesity, anorexia, leaky gut, GERD, dementia, chronic fatigue and even cancer (just to name a few) , I direct them to Dr. Wallach and many other wholistic medical professionals.

  • (A special note to all my missionary friends and colleagues who do not have access to "professional" medical help: These wholistic protocols (esp. CD & DMSO), have helped with many acute problems also like malaria, dengue fever, fungal, bacterial and viral infections (including EBOLA), diarrhea, headaches and all soft tissue tramas like contused and strained tendon & muscle injuries,  just to name a few)

  • In the last several years I have seen many people helped by these "Health Heros" (i.e. medical professionals) who use these profoundly simple but very efficacious wholistic therapeutics  to promote health and healing: 

    1) Nutrify  (CBE's #1 - 2) 

       2) Detoxify  (CBE's #3 - 4) 

       3) Energize  (CBE's #5 - 7) 

  •  (to learn the specific modalities of these discplines be sure and re-read the "homepage" or click on the tabs on the top of this website, they will  take you to the "7 Cell-building Essentials" (CBE"S) needed to make healthy cells and keep you well. Please examine carefully CBE #7, for it is the most important CBE and it is foundational to Cell-building Essentials #1-6).

  • P.S. A big shout-out and many thanks to "Bill the Truck-driver" who has gone the extra mile to promote this website and who took my "God-glorifying Health and Healing" pamphlet (which is now becoming a book  ... "Semper Reformanda") and made it into a website (all on his "smart-phone").