Cell-Building Essential #6: Install heating & AC


Application: Circulation & Respiration

- Clean, healthy blood is at the very heart (pun intended) of having a strong circulatory system. The following videos will give you insight into how important proteolytic enzymes are to your blood and body.

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□ Serrapeptase: Amazing Enzyme For: Pain, Inflammation, and Scar Tissue


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□ Nattokinase for Supporting Blood Pressure


□ Nattokinase - The Natural Secret For Better Blood Flow, Circulation & Blood Pressure


- Nitric Acid (not nitrous oxide, commonly known as “Laughing Gas”) is a gas that serves as a singling molecule in every cell of the body. 

  1) It causes arteries and bronchioles to expand. 

  2) It allows brain cells to communicate with each other. 

  3) It causes immune cells to kill bacteria and cancer cells

      (p.523 Healing is Voltage). 

Your body naturally makes Nitric Oxide. You can increase your Nitric Oxide by specialized exercise and supplementation. Youngevity’s “CardioBeets” is one of the better sources of Nitric Acid.

□ Dr Dwight Lundell joins Youngevity Scientific Medical Board 


□ Dr. Mercola's Nitric Oxide Release Workout


- Humic & Fulvic Acid have been called Nature’s “Mineral Molecules”. Fulvic acid supplies voltage and Humic acid provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to make new cells. Fulvic is golden in color, whereas Humic is almost black. A single molecule of Fulmic can individually carry up to 60 different vital activated minerals into our cells. Another one of Fulvic’s biological functions is its ability to remove heavy metals and other toxins that are stored in our fatty tissues in order to protect vital organs from these toxins. Fulvic then safely escorts them out of the body. Read pages 549 - 550 in Healing is Voltage to discover over 10 more functions.

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